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BLOG:  Process  &  Thangs

Hello ✨
Welcome to my Creative Blog 'Process & Things,'  a public journal chronicling and documenting my ever-expansive Multi-disciplinary visual art practice, currently based in Lagos, Nigeria and with a wandering eye in the realm of further expanding my scope of practice in my sculptural installation medium 'Fabric drawing' 🤎.

Through time I'll share content on the documentation processes in making my work from my past, present and future projects and events; through writing excerpts, imagery, interviews and video time-lapses.  Along the way, I'll also share some intersectional journeys and/or intriguing meetings, projects, events and experiences of some of and by some fellow creative colleagues and practitioners whom I'll meet through time✨

I hope you stick around to explore and experience the ride as I go ✨
To the future  ✌🏾

Warm regards 
Tomilola Olumide 





Title of Event, Exhibitions, Publications, Workshop

Location Place/ Organisation, City, Country 

Date Day| Month | Year 

How it made you feel in Colour and emotion (3 words max)


 To access individual bodies of   work, hover over the respective   section. Example: Hover over the   INSTALLATION section for   access to PRESSURE | 2021

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