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Tomilola Olumide_Multidisciplinary Artist_ in front of Wa wọ project installation for Spot

Tomilola Olumide is a Nigerian Multidisciplinary Artist based in the UK. Her work documents autobiographical assemblages and personal history narratives, chronicling identity, memory, emotional landscapes and experimentation of materials and subjects inspired by her upbringing in Lagos, Nigeria and her navigation of life in adulthood.

Though beginning her practice in painting Olumide chooses to embrace an interdisciplinary culture of working across mediums such as sculpture, installation, performance art, collage, digital new media, poetry and written musings. She also uses materials from found objects to her memorabilia, textile fabrics, plaster, paint and her physical body as objects, expressions of medium and explorations of tactile memory, intimacy, sensuality and aesthetics between herself and her subjects.

Olumides Art Studio is based in Birmingham, UK, which has been a site activity for her career over the past year. She recently completed her virtual reality and mixed media project Wa wọ produced during her Spot VR Residency program at Stryx Gallery Birmingham between September and November 2023. The project chronicled her experimentation of immersive virtual reality technology as an art medium in her existing practice, where themes of memory, play and materiality were explored between virtual and physical realms through digital drawings, sculptures and wall installations.

In August 2023, Olumide completed the (Algo|Afro) Futures 2023 at Vivid Projects, Birmingham, an algorithm coding technology mentorship program at the intersection of new media technology, music and visual art, aimed at upskilling Black Artists and Creatives. Her project's final presentation was a live mixed media ‘algo coding and spoken word’ performance Pressure x Walk which debuted on August 4th at the Digbeth First Friday Event in Birmingham. The DFF event also included a premiere of her audiovisual performance and installation work Moving to Words at the neighbouring gallery Eastside Projects, where she worked towards the EOP Summer Camp 2023 Show x Micro Residency program in July 2023.

She’s currently working towards the Steam House Birmingham ‘Studio Maker' program and the In Transit for the 'Removing Barriers: Making your work accessible' course. She looks forward to upskilling in craftsmanship, technology and business acumen at Steam House and at In Transit, learning about sustainable strategies to create more equitable accessibility for audiences of varying abilities; through the administration, curation and creative programming of artwork, text and events as an Artist and Creative practitioner.

Tomilola is focused on expanding her artistic practice and career across her studio practice, research and writing, pursuing postgraduate and doctoral study and internationally occupying more opportunities from artist residencies to exhibitions, fellowships, awards and institutional and commercial commissions. As well as cross-disciplinary collaborative project exchanges with art and creative practitioners, communities and institutions across the globe. She’s also enthusiastic about public programming, studio presentations, workshop facilitation and artist talks to share her work with new audiences.

Olumide studied Fine Art at the University of Southampton. Her recent projects also include Akọbi (2022), Lamentations of Lips that Keep Moving at Affinity Art Gallery (2022) and Ádun & Pressure | Beyond Otherness at Open Hand Open Space Gallery (2021).

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