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Tomilola Olumide_ Algo Afro Performance_ Photograph by Jamal Lloyd Davis

 Photograph by Jamal Lloyd Davis 

Pressure x Walk, 2023 | Performance, 20 mins

Medium: Algo coding, Video, Spoken Word Poetry

'Pressure x Walk' is an audiovisual Live Performance and assemblage of Audio Algo coding (sourced and created with Strudle Tidal Cycles), Video and Spoken word Poetry 'Pressure x Running' created and performed by Tomilola Olumide.

This performance was Olumide's final presentation concluding the '(Algo|Afro) Futures 2023 Mentoring Program,' facilitated by Antonio Roberts, Tyger Blue & Vivid Projects, and which's exhibition debuted on August 4th 2023 at Vivid Projects, on Digbeth First Friday, Birmingham. 


Pressure x Walk, 2023 | Video by Tomilola Olumide
Pressure x Walk, 2023 | Video by Tomilola Olumide

Pressure x Running, 2023 | Poetry 

Tired eyes in comfort too steep to leave will give itself the night off to appease the head, tremours and whispers from knees.

As they buckle there are signallings between back and toes that yearn for bum to rest.

Recallings of unfulfilled tasks from mental notes, those in chats and email responses, applications, calls, tomorrow's dinner?

All in all you shaa remember​



The silence that comes after the forbearing of thoughts and the dissolve of them away from mind, a kindred sensation of absolute 'nothingness'.... unmatched in a way like how river water flows in only one direction, no contradiction to the texture or depth.. obedient


Understanding that one must flow back and forth at times not for failure's sake, but the success is in the unevenness that leads to an eventual mastery of the madness, the unease, long nights and sorrowsome days which lean into stability.​

The intention is perseverance, not looking back but going... do not stop


Head on swivel looking to my God not seeing his face though knowing he is there with his embrace and encouragement, the assurance of walking with my father across roads that do not know me and between valleys and mountains that either want to sink or crush me.


Ọba Ìyànù, Ọlọrun t'ọn gbẹ jà fún mi, o tẹ mi lọrun

Absolute peace, it is well, not alone.


Pressure x Walk, 2023 | Performance at Algo|Afro) Futures 2023 by Tomilola Olumide 
© 2023 Tomilola Olumide, All Rights Reserved
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