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A constant brokenness, calm and resolve, 2018, Digital collage by Artist Tomilola Olumide

Honey to Honey, 2018


Honey to honeys don't waste my time.

Oh perfect wake and break only to do it over again then amend.. life too short in the meanwhile only to sever hearts desires. 


The impunity, you're despicable and so am I. Casualties were made by a double edge sword and now I see balance here.


But why are we in denial?


Loose just to regain and conduct like swinging vines that will always reside, then move and reside and then move and reside and then move, but still be in resting place.

Conversation all for none but to stand on tippy toes, laugh and cry only to brace each other. 

Washing crying only to fall back into end space, no freedom from space. What an interesting lie.


Mami I apologise, baby I too for I never knew this institution would be it. 

So damn dependent, so damned caged, so damned into damnation, who will now save? 


Balls like cock, who runs brave? I wish I had! To move and take flight but you alas are anchor to stay and grow... where does heavens light shine now? 


Dear God make it right 


Am I afraid of my pussy?

A constant brokenness, calm and resolve, 2018, Digital collage


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