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Body Sore, 2023 | Poetry

The soreness doesn't allow bracketing of spine to the shafts of chairs.. it is so tender and too gentle to spill


Brain throbs like hearts do, each beat is a reminder to rest eyes.. all on the steady to actually  rest bones.


Thighs are heavy from rummaging, chaffing and gliding between skins and tights.. e fit be skin tight you know..gloriously hugging figure


Bum accepts the rolling, tugging, nestling, flogging, scattering, snapping, lounging and gentle looseness of fabrics and hands..


Ears sometimes dull while sharp will capture moments that are in best interest and usher out the unnecessary.


The adoration of another is not important here, rather the attention to self is prime to figure out centre.

© 2024 Tomilola Olumide, All Rights Reserved
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