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In Own Image Sculpture series2018

The slangs and gestures ‘Waka!, Chop am!, Fuck you!, Fist of power and Surrender,’ were adopted from the Nigerian Pidgin language and univerisal slang. In the series 'In Own Image' they were created as plaster hand sculptures serving as mannequins enacting memory scenes, fictional narratives, spiritual reckonings, self-actualising and navigation, through the installation and juxtapositioning of found objects and personal memorabilia.

Discord obscured, (In Own Image series), 2018 | Sculpture by Multidisciplinary Artist, Tomilola Olumide

Discord Obscured (In Own Image), 2018,

Sculpture, Material (Plaster, Groundnut shells, Beads, Hair, Fabric)


A display of domestic violence takes centre stage while onlookers and commentators surround, watching in awe without intervention amidst the events that unfold before them. Unillusioned by the happenings of the day as some may have equally suffered in episodes of violence either inflicted or received. A veil of patriarchy hovers over the scene protecting the instigator, and without intervention and resolution to draws of blows and sentiments of momentary hatred, both opponents are defeated in their tussle, until Akobi intervenes.

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