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Passages, 2023 | Poetry Collection

Nigga, 2023 | Poetry 

Resting bones over and within like there is no other 


Humbled by the essence of joy to have been caught, embraced and cherished.. there are no lines that depart the yearning, gazing, holding.. the titillation is unmatched, you are happiness,  happening in my now, thank you.


Short-lived though floored with realness, actual friendship, actual joy, actual adoration, actual like.

I like you.  


Quite enjoyed your breathing and moving of chest, your smile, hairs around chin and sides. The rolling of eyes to the scowling of upper lip, accents of gentleness to firmness, never a brute just confident.


You held and heard me, overflowed my cup with peace, with happiness, with companionship, with bliss for this season, you held me down.


Fingers between flesh, under and above it, you held me and I did you. Traces of calm shall wash over me knowing you cared deeply as I did for you. 


Hopefully we'll meet again, but till then thank you for being here 🤎


Falling, 2023 | Poetry 

Not necessarily the permission or allowance to melt but the assurance of peace in being able to do so.

In being able to fall completely intact and in the arms of your one, until sleep takes and morning comes.


The absolute rest in this.. there are no lines that suffocate bareness, there is mutual adoration, kindness, yearning to be one.


Falling, standing, dancing all in one pace.. all a privileged bliss.. all is love, all is centered.. all is wholesome


The wait to meet


Words will not be wasted here, ever ready to act and be present, steady, there is commitment here.


Breathe, surrender, gaze, delight, ready.


Thank you


Body, 2023 | Poetry 

E be strong by now, e fit done by now, now what dey?


E be strong by now, e fit done by now, now what dey?


Body fit know no one can be saviour.


Burrows under bodies that talked me into momentary affection, claimed to love me, to adore, to fester in the breathing and not gasping for air, we bathed in the glorious zest of our youth.


Never too hairy, too strayed away from life's woes, but at the tip of it, to pour out, yet keeping it in and moving as though nothing happened.


Love is here, time is here, pace is here, joy is here, I am here.


Body remembers all


Body be strong by now, e fit be stronger than to let mirrored reckoning during bathroom breaks glance deeply to say 'wo aiye e' body fit be stronger.


Body fit be stronger than to let the titillation of ear licking, nipple grabbing and digging, sway attention so.


Body fit be stronger than to allow the empty words of lovers carry over into travelled paths for 3 hour rendezvous.


Body fit be stronger 


E fit be stronger than letting go and free, than being far away from you and me. From layering loins pon loins and voices too 


Body fit be stronger 


Body fit let it all just flow, let it all just go, let it all just know, body fit be stronger.


Body fit listen and slow down, body fit just listen to God and slow down, body fit listen and heal now.


Body don heal,  body is healing, body was hungry, body was angry, body was thirsty, body felt ready, body was testy, body was lonely, body was tired, body needed comfort, body was weary, body yearned for its own. 


Flesh                                                                                    breathe                                                                               Tí ara è mú


Body is in repair, body will not be judged, body is seen, body is loved, body is resting, body will be well, body is happy body will be well.​

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