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Image of Tomilola Olumide Multidisciplinary Artist_BW_2023_Red Adire

Tomilola Olumide (b. 1996, London) is a Multidisciplinary Artist who documents her personal history and understanding of the world as autobiographical assemblages that reflect complex fabrics of human existence.  

Inspired by her upbringing in Lagos, Nigeria and her navigation of life in adulthood, Olumide uses her experiences as memory banks that influence discussions on identity, memory, emotional landscapes, being and materiality. These subjects are portrayed as sculptures, paintings, collages, performance art, site-specific installations and written works of poetry and musing. 

Olumide also uses materials not limited to her physical body, personal memorabilia, found objects, textile fabric, paint and dye pigments in her work. She is interested in exploring dynamics of intimacy, sensuality and aesthetics between her subjects, materials and self which she often chronicles in written musings. 


 To access individual bodies of   work, hover over the respective   section. Example: Hover over the   INSTALLATION section for   access to PRESSURE | 2021

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