Tomilola Olumide_ 2022_ Portrait taken by Corporate studios Nigeria.

Tomilola Olumide is a Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Her Visual Art practice contextualises her personal history and understanding of the world, through wedges of experimental and autobiographical exercises explored across Fine, Performance and New Media Art disciplines. She adopts a variety of materials and techniques through experimental and research-based activity in mediums such as Sculpture, Painting, Digital, Drawing, Textile, Collage and Printmaking. 


In Sculpture, Olumide expresses reflective dialogues on object integration, material fusion, and narratives on memories, events, movements and so on. She enjoys creating with synthetic, organic and found objects, such as plastic sheets, paper, textile fabrics, food skins and peels, balloons, animal shells and plaster as material bodies. 

Her sculptural practice also includes Installation structures, led by a fusion of mass quantities of materials and forms from miniature ornaments to ephemeral wall and room structures. In 2019,  she began experimenting with the practice of 'fabric drawing’ in an effort to explore an intimate transference of muscle memories through intricate finger manipulations with fabric materials, from activities of her subconscious mind. These finger manipulations manifested into abstract and physical representations of her memory subjects and other non-personal themes; such as ‘Reminisce, 2019 | Pressure, 2021 | Lamentations of Lips That Leep Moving, 2022.


Through painting, she captures the honest sensibilities of her reality and imaginative realms of distorted and abstractly figurative bodily, gestural and scenic movements through fragmented forms, vivid colours and mark-making. She uses mixed and independent materials such as acrylic and enamel paint, ink and dye pigments on surfaces such as stretched canvas, fabric sheets, paper and wooden boards. 

Tomilola creates familiar and intimately sentimental scenes through intensities of emotional expressions in her performance art practice. She incorporates tools of body, sound, still image projection, movement and object playfulness into her projects. Thus projecting human experiences in transient introspective spaces of and between ‘feeling and being’.

Olumide earned a First Class Honours Bachelor degree in Fine Art, with a background in Interdisciplinary Art Studies from the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, England.

Her recent group exhibitions and performances include I AM & NOTHING ELSE’, Affinity Art Gallery, Lagos Nigeria, 2022 | Beyond Otherness, OpenHand OpenSpace Gallery, Reading UK, 2021 | Rest and Repair Platform Black x UCLH, London UK, 2021 | Ádun, Live performance, 2021 | Undecided, Live performance, 2019 | IADT: It's About Damn Time, Live performance, 2018.