Body Transfers Sentiments, Undecided project_2019_Tomilola Olumide.jpg

Tomilola Olumide is a Nigerian based multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work contextualises the storytelling and projection of her personal histories and experiences in wedges of experimental autobiographical exercises; intuitively led by a multi-disciplinary visual art practice of working between sculpture, installation, performance, and painting.

Olumide creates familiar and sentimental scenes through intensities of emotional expressions in her performances using oral sounds, body, and object movements to guild unearthed natures of humanity, that roam through projections of feeling and being, in transient moments of sentimental spaces.

Through painting she incorporates sensibilities of reality and imaginative realms, conjuring abstract representations of emotional outpours and figures manifested from childhood.

Her sculptural practice focuses on material-interplay and object integration, producing ornamental forms and ephemeral structures as experiences, wall, and room installations. In 2018 she began experimenting in the practice ‘fabric- drawing’, creating sculptural forms from mixed materials: plaster, metals, fabric, and appropriating objects from this into her other disciplines.

Tomilola earned her BFA from the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art graduating in 2020 with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art.

Her recent group shows include Tim and Carol Gallery of Art exhibition at Ecobank Pan African Centre Lagos, Nigeria (2021), Beyond otherness, OpenHand OpenSpace Gallery Reading, UK (2021) and Rest and Repair, UCLH Street Gallery London, UK (2021).