Tomilola Olumide_ 2022_ Portrait taken by Corporate studios Nigeria.

Tomilola Olumide is a multidisciplinary visual artist and BA Fine Art graduate from the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, UK. She currently lives and works in Lagos Nigeria. 


Her practice contextualises the storytelling and projection of her personal histories, memories and experiences in wedges of experimental autobiographical exercises. She passionately explores working between the disciplines sculpture, painting and performance art.

Her sculpture and installation practices often intersect to focus on material interplay and object integration; in turn producing ornamental sculptures and ephemeral wall and room installation structures using a range of materials that encompass synthetic, organic and found objects. In 2018 she began experimenting with her practice ‘fabric drawing’ in an effort to explore an intimate transference of muscle memories through intricate finger manipulations of fabric materials from activities of the subconscious mind. These finger manipulations, in turn, manifest into abstract physical representations of her memory subjects and themes.  

Through painting she incorporates sensibilities of reality and imaginative realms, conjuring abstract representations of emotional outpours, figures and elements manifested from journeys of the past and present. She employs the use of acrylic, oil and dye pigment on canvas, paper and wood surfaces.

Tomilola creates familiar and intimately sentimental scenes through intensities of emotional expressions in her performance art practice. She incorporates tools of body, sound, still image projection, movement and object playfulness into her projects. Thus projecting human experiences in transient introspective spaces of and between ‘feeling and being’.

Her recent group exhibitions and performances include I AM & NOTHING ELSE’, at Affinity Art Gallery, Lagos Nigeria, Beyond Otherness, OpenHand OpenSpace Gallery, Reading UK (2021), Rest and Repair Platform Black x UCLH, London UK (2021), Itinerant Objects, Tate Exchange x University of Southampton, London UK (2019), Building an Art Biennale, Tate Exchange x the University of Southampton, London UK (2018), Shared drive, The Event, WSA Gallery, Winchester UK (2017), Art and Design Summer Show, West Herts College, London UK (2017) and The Radlett Art Society Anthorp Award show, London UK (2017). Ádun (Live Performance) Beyond Otherness, Open Hand Open Space Gallery, UK (2021), Undecided (Live Performance) Winchester, UK (2019), IADT | It's About Damn Time (Live Performance), Winchester, UK (2018), Homage to the Lost Ones (Live Performance) Winchester, UK (2017), It is a Wicked truth (Live Performance) Winchester, UK (2017).