I Am Not My Hair, 2017, Performance_ BY TOMILOLA OLUMIDE.jpg

I Am Not My Hair, 2017, Video Performance, by Tomilola Olumide 


Tomilola Olumide is a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist, whose work explores narratives of vulnerability, navigation and being, informed by her personal histories and understandings of the world through wedges of experimental and autobiographical exercises. She works across Fine, Performance and New Media Art disciplines, and adopts techniques and materials between Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Textile, Collage and Printmaking mediums in her practice. Tomilola seeks to highlight her nuanced introspections through her practice. The themes of memory, movement, emotional landscaping, playfulness, aesthetic ambiguity, sexuality and material integration are present in her work. Tomilola earned a First-Class Honours Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with a background in Interdisciplinary Art Studies from the University of  Southampton, Winchester School of Art, England. She looks forward to expanding her Creative practice through varying projects within the Arts and Culture sector such as Artist Residences, Collaborative projects between Creative practitioners, Curatorial journeys, Institutional projects, Public interventions and Teaching.