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Choosing Self, 2023 | Poetry


Choosing yourself is one of the bravest things, but why? 


In a world where self-preservation is seen as selfishness instead of kindness and self-care, as opposed to the opposite of being the floor cloth/mop/ bridge for others to climb on and use. I would argue that choosing yourself is revolutionary to the principle of love, the truest one being the love of self.  

All-encompassing trauma, memories, low times and bruises, successes, the rises, the paced growth and the light streaks of sun that capture the warmth of contentment. The ignorance, the habits, the weight, the loss, the dysmorphia, the abortions, the light, the greys, the sickness, the love, the strength, the weakness, the care, the looseness, the disturbing, the needs, the desires, the everything.


To love thyself in spite of convention, to vow to be true, to aid, to grow, to be passionate, to care and to give a damn in spite of pressure. 

That is brave, that is strength, that is commitment, that is honest, that is kindness, that is wholesome, warm and joyous. Oh, there is too much to say. 


When we simply do not give a damn about ourselves, we simply die.

This death is not 6 feet under, but it's 'regression' the undoing of growth, of care, of intention for better, the act of starting again and returning backwards only to begin again. 


Choose thyself 

Love thyself  

Be kind to self

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