Body transfer sentiments, 2019, Performance series, by Tomilola Olumide

Body Transfers Sentiments, 2019


Exploring how fast-paced movements could be transferred to a surface with chalk sticks to present the play and intimate practice of body stretching for healing and exercise.


Moving between 15 minutes in varied shapes from spinning to pulling, crouching, and lunging introduced a lot of irregular lines; things that were a representation of the body and others that looked like restlessness.

The activity reminded me of handline drawings I would make as a child at creche, with layers of continuous wobbly lines that indifferently captured my fingers and the spirit of exploring familiarity with oneself.

Undecided, 2019
8 mins

Navigating emotional landscapes over the chaos created from the former ‘BTS’, where chalk marks, shattered chalk and glass, discarded ornaments of fabrics and plaster hand bust filled the stage 'a life-sized sketchbook'.

The ground became the sketchbook once body marks were made, it became a thing one could be playful with and not care about. It became a thing where one could hide and play with some more. It became a thing where you could be in the centre and remember to forget the present.

The colouring sketchbook was undecided, dark, and dancing. It was away and present and longed for an audience.

Undecided, 2019, Photomontage and Installtion background for Undecided perfromance, Performance series, by Tomilola Olumide

The sketchbook had peace of mind that day. It was happy that a full-figured ballerina in orange and green would spin on its tongue, and circle back again.

It was happy that there was silence and blue beaded hair flying everywhere to break the peace.

The sketchbook knew some peace this day, the sketchbook had released this day, the sketchbook was free this day.