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Òré mí Àtátá, 2023 | Poetry


How are you? 

I haven’t spoken with you in ages, hope all is well. 

Speak later 🙂


I’m sorry for the places that we cannot go, the words that cannot be said, the stares that cannot be made, the heart that cannot sing. Sorry

I’m sorry for the times that cannot be met, the plans that often fall through and the memories layered with cider whining instead of gossip. Sorry


Truly the moments that come by are lovely after calls come, picked, responded to, remembered, or given a damn about amidst all the work, play and living.

In the midst of it, we do make time.



Kindness, listening, gentleness, praying, patience. Virtues appreciated. Why can’t everyone be like this? Confusion arrests the mind of my inner child who wonders why everyone can’t be like this!

I miss you 


Sweet cherished, happy days, bathing in the sun of suns and the lights our smiles project to the sky as we gist along roads that do not know us. Learning together each day, through years, through tears, sometimes bare, never really guarded but rather delighted at the freedom of chests. 


It’s safe to say that there’s dancing when you are here, bodies will move to outbursts of laughter.

Feet will grip carpet to maintain composure on seat against the strength of hysterical movements from the lip chuckles, the coughing of lungs, shaking of head and palm banging.

I will go "Pele" and you will go "Pele," and you will say "Don't choke ooo!.. Oh my god!"

Calm boundaries 

We give each other water that will nourish and leave traces of our last encounter and the ones before it.

We will plant seeds for the next times and times after and times after that 

We will say hi now and time after and time after that

I’ll wish you well and so will you




Learning in our mother tongue and speaking it back and forth in humour and play as though there is no other. 

Trying to be present when there is life away, the calm of your presence is like an angel's hug, thank you. 

Pray over me and I pray over you, we fill each other with blessings and good tidings to comfort the world beyond ours. Thank you for being there.




Loved you since the first moment I saw you, the rain, the cold, the hug, the bye and hello days after. 

Beautiful, kind, warm, just good. There’s no evil bone in your body, it’s like you’re a pillow of hibiscus flowers or something sweet, harmless, gentle, optimistic, sweet, caring..

You radiate only the best of God’s love. I know you know this. 


Thank you for being here and sharing yourself.


How lucky am I!

© 2024 Tomilola Olumide, All Rights Reserved
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